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Trump says he's pardoning Susan B. Anthony, who was arrested for illegally voting in 1872

President Trump is posthumously pardoning Susan B. Anthony on the 19th amendment's 100-year anniversary.

Trump on Tuesday announced that he's signing a "full and complete pardon" of the women's suffrage activist, who was arrested for voting illegally in 1872, The New York Times reports.

"I was so surprised that it was never done before," Trump said of the pardon, also asking, "what took so long?"

Trump had said on Monday he would soon announce a "very important" pardon, though Anthony's name didn't come immediately to mind, especially as the Times notes that she is "not someone whose work Mr. Trump has spoken of either in his campaign or during his presidency." The Times also reports that Trump was "seeking to create a news story" during the Democratic National Convention, which kicked off on Monday night with a blistering speech by former first lady Michelle Obama.

Trump during his remarks on Tuesday was joined by the president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, telling her prior to the announcement, "You are going to be so happy in about seven minutes. You won't even believe it."