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DNC 2020

An emotional Biden says he won't ignore 'Russian bounties on the heads of American soldiers'

In his acceptance speech, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he understands the "profound responsibility" that comes with being commander-in-chief, and if elected, he will "stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries that the days of cozying up to dictators are over."

His late son, Beau, was an Iraq War veteran, and Biden said he "inspires me every day." He forcefully declared that "under President Biden, America will not turn a blind eye to Russian bounties on the heads of American soldiers," nor will he "put up with foreign interference in our most sacred democratic exercise: Voting."

Biden promised to "always stand for our values of human rights and dignity," and said he will work with other countries on the "common purpose" of a "more secure and peaceful and prosperous world."