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Could Trump replace Rush Limbaugh post-presidency?

President Trump is determined to win re-election and would "be furious at the suggestion that he could lose," a business friend of his told The New Yorker's Jane Mayer. That hasn't stopped others from speculating about what will come next for Trump if he doesn't spend the next four years in the Oval Office, though.

One former Trump associate who works in the media industry reportedly thinks he could enter conservative talk radio, effectively replacing his pal Rush Limbaugh, who recently revealed he has terminal lung cancer. The associate said Trump would be able to remain relevant in the political world, rally his base, and riff with little to no oversight if he chose that course. Plus, he could spend the mornings playing golf at his resort in Florida.

Other sources who know Trump aren't so sure. Barbara Res, who spent many years developing and managing construction projects for Trump, told Mayer that a radio show wouldn't serve as a big enough platform for the president (although the president has commented on how lucrative Limbaugh's gig is), and Tony Schwartz, who ghost wrote Trump's famous book The Art of the Deal, believes Trump is "too lazy to do a three-hour daily show like that." Read more at The New Yorker.