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Biden addresses nation for 1st time as president-elect: 'This is the time to heal in America'

Joe Biden addressed the United States as president-elect for the first time Saturday evening in Wilmington, Delaware, hours after he was projected to win the presidential election.

Throughout the speech he thanked his wife, Jill, and the rest of his family, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and all his volunteers, while also singling out the support he received at the polls throughout the Democratic primary and general election from Black Americans. He then emphasized that he and Harris would immediately get to work on building a plan to control the coronavirus pandemic so they could hit the ground running in January.

A good portion of the speech was dedicated to finding some sort of middle ground in what many consider a deeply divided nation. Biden spoke directly to Americans who voted for President Trump (though he steered away from direct references to Trump himself) at one point, telling them: "Let's give each other a chance." He made it clear he intends to work with people across the aisle during his time in the Oval Office. "This is the time to heal in America," he said. Tim O'Donnell