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last night on late night

Melania Trump released a farewell video. So did Colbert's Late Show Melania Trump.

Melania Trump and Laura Benanti

First lady Melania Trump released a seven-minute farewell video Monday, saying that "as Donald and I conclude our time in the White House," she is thankful fo the military service members, law enforcement officers, and caregivers who have inspired her over the "unforgettable" past four years. She also asked "every American to be an ambassador of Be Best," her anti-cyber-bullying initiative, and "to focus on what unites us. To rise above what divides us. To always choose love over hatred, peace over violence, and others before yourself."

Stephen Colbert did not think the message was particularly well-suited to the messenger, he suggested on Monday's Late Show. "One thing the first lady did not mention in her address today is what she'll be doing after Inauguration Day, because while her husband has been fighting to stay in the White House, there are reports that privately, Melania 'just wants to go home' and 'cannot wait' to get back to New York. So, what are the first lady's future plans? Over the years she's appeared on this show numerous times, and tonight she wanted to come back and make another official announcement."

The announcement ended up being more of a song, but if you are going to have a Broadway star like Laura Benanti be your Melania stand-in, it makes sense for her to play to her strengths, especially in her farewell message.