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Donald Trump Jr. and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agree on this 1 thing

No, that's not a pig that just whizzed by your window. Donald Trump Jr. and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) are in full agreement when it comes to Robinhood's decision to stop allowing the trade of GameStop and other stocks.

Reddit users teamed up earlier this week to buy up GameStop stock, sinking hedge funds that profited from shorting the stock. Most of that trading happened on Robinhood. But on Thursday morning, the free trading app shut down GameStop purchases, as well as a number of other flailing companies such as Nokia and BlackBerry. The decision got immediate pushback from Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive congressmembers, with Ocasio-Cortez saying she'd support a House hearing on the matter.

The son of the former president echoed Ocasio-Cortez, calling the whole thing an example of America's "rigged system."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also chimed in with his support of Ocasio-Cortez's tweet. But after the Capitol attack earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez wasn't so eager to collaborate. Kathryn Krawczyk