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It wasn't all bad

At age 92, former journalist publishes her 1st book

Sue Buyer has a lot of stories from her time as a young reporter in the 1950s — back when women in her newsroom weren't allowed to cover crime, mayhem, or breaking news — and now at 92 years old, she is using them as the foundation for her first published novella.

All Things in Time is about two women — one is a journalist — who come together due to a mysterious death. Buyer got into journalism in the early 1950s, after graduating with a sociology degree from Vassar in 1947. While working as a secretary, her boss noticed how much she disliked her job, and suggested she become a reporter. One of just seven women to attend Columbia Journalism School in 1950, she took a job at the Buffalo Evening News right after graduating, and worked there for 25 years before transitioning to the travel industry.

In an interview with Vassar, Buyer said as an undergraduate student she learned how to "speak up, don't play dumb," which served her well throughout her life. She decided to write her first book at 92 because ever since she stopped skiing at age 85, she gets bored in the winter, and she needed something to do. All Things in Time kept her occupied, and while the characters are based on real people, she jokes that "the women in the book led a much more interesting life than I did."