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impeachment round 2

Watch Day 1 of Trump's 2nd impeachment trial in 270 seconds or less

The Senate began its second impeachment trial of Donald Trump on Tuesday, but senators really only had to decide one question: Do they have the constitutional authority to try a former president who committed the act he was impeached for while still in office? Six Republicans joined all 50 Democrats to say yes, meaning the trial will continue. Getting to that vote took four hours of arguments, though, plus one graphic 13-minute video of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. If you did not watch the first day of the trial, Politico recapped it in 3 minutes flat.

The Washington Post added a bit more detail in its 274-second summation.

And for your amusement and elucidation, the Post also put together just over a minute of odd comments by Trump's lead impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor. Trump is reportedly irritated with Castor and the terrible reviews he got from senator-jurors and Trump's TV allies alike. Peter Weber