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America has become significantly more popular among allies since Biden's inauguration, poll finds

The United States' allies seem quite pleased to have President Biden in the White House, or perhaps they're just relieved his predecessor is gone. Either way, the U.S.'s popularity has improved significantly in several countries since Biden's inauguration, a Morning Consult survey released Tuesday found.

The most dramatic swing took place in Germany. Back on Jan. 20, only 24 percent of Germans viewed the U.S. favorably. Two months later, that number is up to 46 percent. Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom all saw double digit jumps, as well, while Mexico registered an 8 percent increase. In fact, among the 14 nations surveyed, only China reported a notable downward trend, though it's possible that would have happened regardless of who was in the Oval Office at this point, considering the state of affairs between Washington and Beijing.

Biden has made a point of telling other countries "America is back" in the global community after the Trump era, which saw the country take on more of a lone wolf role, so the administration would likely be happy to hear about the approval numbers. "People in many nations around the world are, I think, hopeful" for "a return to a more collaborative, pro-democracy approach to international affairs," the University of Kansas' Dr. David Farber told Morning Consult.

The Morning Consult surveys were conducted between Jan. 11-20 and April 16-25 among at least 1,100 adults in each country. The margins of error range between 1 and 3 percentage points. Read the full results at Morning Consult.