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Survivor's Dave Bickler revises 'Eye of the Tiger' for Colbert's Late Show and Houston's runaway tiger

A Bengal tiger was on the loose last week in Houston, America's fourth-largest city, after last being seen in a car driven by Victor Hugo Cuevas, who faces separate murder and evading arrest charges. A Houston businesswoman said Monday she arranged the handover of the tiger, India, on Saturday to Houston police and animal control.

It is a story that has almost everything — tigers, car chases, mystery, clubs licensed to display exotic animals, indicted criminals — and now it has a theme song, too. On Monday, former Survivor lead singer Dave Bickler paid homage to Houston's tiger drama by singing a revised version of his enduring hit "Eye of the Tiger" for Stephen Colbert's Late Show. Bickler's voice has aged very well, but his song has kind of a dark finale. Watch below.