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What to know about the storm expected to hit the South

Severe winter storms are predicted to hit the South of the U.S. starting midday on Tuesday, reports The New York Times. Tornadoes and strong winds are expected to affect 15 million people along the Gulf Coast. 

Along with winds, coastal areas could also see severe thunderstorms which may cause flash flooding. Storm weather will be seen from Texas to the Florida Panhandle, per The Weather Channel. The Southeast including parts of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia may experience some of the weather going into Wednesday as the storm moves east. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has already called for the state's emergency response team to be prepared for the storm and a number of flights in the state have also been cancelled. Louisiana and Mississippi have also urged residents to be prepared. 

This storm comes just a month following another tornado that hit New Orleans leaving three dead.