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Kanye 2020

Tucker Carlson reportedly tells people at Fox News he voted for Kanye West

Yeezus, could it be true?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reportedly told associates and program guests that he voted for rapper Kanye West — not former President Donald Trump — in the 2020 election, per Politico. It's unclear if Carlson was serious or kidding (he declined to comment and has claimed previously to "never" vote, even in 2016), but certain sources maintain the "affinity" the personalities have for one another is very real.

"He and Kanye get along. They both regularly find themselves in the crosshairs. They're both pro-life," said one associate to Politico. Outside of the voting booth, Carlson has "praised" West on-air, and even spent time with the rapper in Wyoming.

West failed to make the ballot in Florida, meaning if Carlson voted for him, it would have been a write-in. But, West also neglected to submit the necessary paperwork to Florida's elections division, so any write-in votes for him wouldn't have been counted. According to county officials, however, there were eight invalid write-in votes for president in the precinct where Carlson, a registered Florida Republican, voted last year. The county does not track write-in votes for non-qualified candidates, but one official said "she remembered that some people in the county did indeed write in West."

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