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Elizabeth Holmes requests new trial after witness allegedly expresses regret over his testimony

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is asking for a new trial, claiming one of the witnesses allegedly expressed regret over his testimony. 

In a filing on Tuesday, Holmes claimed that former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff, who testified during her fraud trial, came to her house unannounced in August and said "he feels guilty," The Wall Street Journal reports. The filing claimed Rosendorff said that "when he was called as a witness he tried to answer the questions honestly but that the prosecutors tried to make everybody look bad," so he feels "like he had done something wrong," per CNN

Holmes was convicted of fraud for misleading investors about the blood testing technology supposedly developed by Theranos, her startup. She was found guilty on four counts, and former Theranos CFO Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani was also convicted on 12 fraud counts. During Holmes' trial, Rosendorff testified that he left Theranos in 2014 because "it was a question on my integrity as a physician not to remain there and to continue to bolster results I essentially didn't have faith in," CNBC reported.

Holmes' team is now arguing that Rosendorff's new statements are grounds for a retrial, claiming they put "the integrity of the jury verdict against Ms. Holmes in grave doubt," CNN reports. She's scheduled to be sentenced in October.