• Foreign affairs    March 11 
Here's how Iran is covering Russia's invasion of Crimea

Russia's Kremlin-financed cable news channel RT America has faced some dramatic blowback over its coverage of Russia's military occupation of Ukraine's Crimea province. But RT isn't the only government-run broadcaster putting its own stamp on the Crimea situation. Here's how Iran's state-owned English news service Press TV is covering Ukraine:

If you're wondering, the American guest who advocates impeaching President Obama before he nukes Russia to avert America's financial collapse is Mike Billington, an author and longtime active member of the Lyndon LaRouche movement who served 12 years in prison for what he claims were politically motivated reasons (prosecutors say he bilked old people out of $1.24 million).

Iran is a Russian ally. But even head-scarfed newscaster Kaneez Fatima seems uncomfortable with Billington's commentary.

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