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World Trade Center daredevils release video showing their incredible 1,776-foot leap

Dizzying video showing three BASE jumpers leaping off of New York City's unfinished 1 World Trade Center was released Monday night, just hours after the men turned themselves in to police. Jumper James Brady shot the video on Sept. 30, 2013, when he and his two fellow daredevils, Andrew Rossig and Marco Markovich, snuck in to the building and then jumped off of the 1,776-foot-tall spire, using parachutes to break their falls. According to the New York Daily News, police identified the trio and their lookout, Kyle Hartwell, by tracking a vehicle seen on video that is owned by one of their relatives. The four men were arraigned Monday night and charged with burglary, reckless endangerment, and jumping from a structure. Watch the video below, and just a warning: As you can imagine, people who are about to throw themselves off of a skyscraper use rather colorful language. --Catherine Garcia

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