February 16, 2016

A woman in Wareham, Massachusetts, won $200 in the lottery Saturday night — and proceeded to spend not a cent of her winnings on herself. On Sofia Andrade's drive home from learning she snagged the lucky scratch ticket, the single mother of three spotted someone else who she realized needed the money much more than she did: Glenn Williams, a man who had been homeless for three years and who was out panhandling in Saturday's frigid temperatures that dipped to -2 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, Andrade said, she took Williams to a coffee shop to help him out. Upon learning that all of the local shelters were full for the night, she decided to use her lottery winnings to get him a two-night stay at a motel room. "I knew that the money never really belonged to me," Andrade said. "This money was meant to help him." She added: "He was so overwhelmed by just the generosity of a coffee that he just couldn't stop crying."

Andrade's initial act of kindness inspired several others. A local barber gave him a haircut, others donated warm clothes, and a kid even made him a Valentine's Day card. Since Saturday, the New York Daily News reports that Andrade has raised enough money for Williams to stay another week at the motel while he searches for housing. "I couldn't believe there's somebody like her," Williams said. "She deserves a lot of the credit for where I am right now." Becca Stanek

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The professional hockey landscape was altered in just a few minutes Wednesday, as three blockbuster moves rocked the NHL. The Edmonton Oilers traded former No. 1 overall pick Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Adam Larsson in a move intended to shore up their right-shot defense, as the Oilers had only one right-shot defender under contract next year. Meanwhile, the Devils will acquire an elite offensive player in Hall, who tallied 65 points, including 26 goals, in 82 games this past season.

Not to be outdone, the Montreal Canadiens traded star P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Preds' captain Shea Weber in a swap of top-tier defensemen. Subban, who is four years younger than Weber, won the Norris Trophy — awarded to the league's top defenseman — back in 2013 and was described by Predator general manager David Poile as an "an elite offensive defenseman." Weber has finished in the top four in voting for the Norris Trophy five times in his career and looks to add veteran leadership to the Canadiens.

Presented with such major moves within a span of about half an hour, the hockey world reacted as calmly as one would expect:

To top things off, down in Florida, coveted free agent Steven Stamkos — widely considered the prize of the 2016 offseason — re-signed with his current team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

See, guys? Sometimes things happen in hockey. Kimberly Alters

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In the face of mounting criticism over its lack of diversity, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just rolled out its longest and most diverse list of invitations to date. Of the 683 prospective new members, 46 percent are female and 41 percent are people of color. Among those invited are Idris Elba, John Boyega, and Alicia Vikander.

The Academy doesn't have the best track record when it comes to representation: Despite a viral protest campaign calling out its lily-white membership in 2015 using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, the organization failed to significantly improve upon its remarkably heterogeneous makeup last year. At the beginning of 2016, an estimated 92 percent of voting members were white, while about three-quarters were male. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed the issue back in February, promising the organization would "continue to take action and not just speak."

Selma director Ava DuVernay has called this most recent effort "a good start." Here's hoping next year's nominees reflect the change. Roxie Pell

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In the first North American Leaders' Summit hosted in Canada in over a decade, President Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto underscored the importance of North American unity in their pledges to better fight climate change and emphasize free trade. "The politics of trade is difficult," Obama said, seemingly alluding to both Donald Trump's anti-globalization rhetoric of late and the recent Brexit vote. However, he continued, countries must not "shut ourselves off from the world." Regarding climate change, the leaders announced a goal to produce half of North America's power from renewable sources by 2025.

Changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement rule of origin were also unveiled, which will further free up trade by loosening criteria for a variety of products, including "pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, rubber, metals, industrial and electrical machinery, precision instruments, and natural gas," Bloomberg reports. Becca Stanek

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For the first time in seven years, the Republicans beat the Democrats in the Congressional Baseball Game, which was held last week at Nationals Park. It was a hard-won victory, but, uh, not a pretty one:

Warning: Don't watch if you get secondhand embarrassment. Jeva Lange

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Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman cracking glass ceilings lately. Actress Scarlett Johansson just made Hollywood history by becoming the "highest grossing actress of all time," and possibly the first woman to crack Box Office Mojo's top-ten list of the top-grossing actors, The Cut reports.

At number 10 on the list, with a total gross box office revenue of $3.3 billion, Johansson, 31, sits behind the likes of Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, and Morgan Freeman. However, Ford, who ranks first on the list, has a gross revenue nearly $1.5 billion more than Johansson's, at nearly $4.9 billion.

The next woman after Johansson on the list is Cameron Diaz at number 19. All in all, only nine women appear in the top 50. Becca Stanek

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As Donald Trump fends off accusations that he knowingly scammed Trump University students, The New York Times has uncovered a second apparent scam involving his seminar business, Trump Institute.

Opened in 2005, the Trump Institute charged people up to $2,000 to learn Trump's "wealth-creating secrets and strategies." While Trump didn't own the business, the institute allegedly lied about the extent of Trump's involvement despite Trump vowing that he was "teaching what I've learned." The program was actually run by a couple who had an extensive record of committing fraud, and the manual used to teach the students was largely plagiarized:

Unbeknownst to customers at the time, though, even the printed materials handed out to seminar attendees were based on a lie. The Trump Institute copyrighted its publication, each page emblazoned with "Billionaire's Road Map to Success," and it distributed the materials to those who attended the seminars.

Yet much of the handbook's contents were lifted without attribution from an obscure how-to guide published by Success magazine in 1995 called "Real Estate Mastery System."

At least 20 pages of the Trump Institute book were copied entirely or in large part from "Real Estate Mastery System." Even some of its hypothetical scenarios — "Seller A is asking $80,000 for a single-payer residence" — were repeated verbatim. [The New York Times]

Unsurprisingly, the Trump Institute eventually earned an F from the Better Business Bureau. "What criminals they are," one student said afterward. "They wanted to steal my money." Read the entire investigation at The New York Times. Jeva Lange

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President Obama will finally hit the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton next Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The pair will appear in the battleground state for a discussion about "building on the progress we've made," the Clinton campaign said.

Obama was initially going to make his campaign debut two weeks ago in Wisconsin, but that appearance was canceled due to the mass shooting in Orlando. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said "busy schedules" prevented the pair from syncing up any earlier.

Obama is expected to be a powerful surrogate for Clinton, though he did lose the contested state of North Carolina in the 2012 presidential election. In his endorsement of Clinton earlier this month, Obama said he's unsure if "there's ever been someone so qualified [as Clinton] to hold this office." Becca Stanek

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