Last week's question: A new poll has found that fear and anxiety about politics are a significant source of stress for most Americans, with nearly 60 percent saying the present day is the "lowest point in our nation's history that they can remember." Please come up with a psychological term to describe the current epidemic of political anxiety.

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THE WINNER: "Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder"
Ken Meier, Tonopah, Nev.

SECOND PLACE: "Whitehousen by proxy syndrome"
Clare Christiansen, Oak Harbor, Wash.

THIRD PLACE: "Democrazy"
Margaret Weiss, Point Lookout, N.Y.


"Bi-polarized disorder"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, N.Y.

Michael Maloney, Concord, N.H.

"Swamp fever"
Mark Johnson, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

"The Russian flu"
Maxine Bellew, Marlborough, Mass.

"Down in the Trumps"
Stan Karp, Westfield, N.J.

"The tweetie-jeebies"
Michael Paolercio, San Francisco

"Twitter jitters"
Martha Dunn, Santa Cruz, Calif.

John Fessler, Chino Hills, Calif.

F. Stuart Leeds, Yellow Springs, Ohio