Jamie Timson, The Week UK

Jamie Timson is the UK news editor. Having been with the team from 2015 to 2019 holding roles including intern, editorial assistant and staff writer, he rejoined in September 2022. He was a founding panellist on The Week Unwrapped podcast, often discussing politics, foreign affairs and conspiracy theories, sometimes separately, sometimes all at once. Now he takes on the early shift with 6am starts curating the UK daily morning newsletter and commissioning stories for the website's daily news output.

Before rejoining The Week, Jamie worked in the Civil Service as a Senior Press Officer at the Department for Transport. Over three years, he developed a penchant for crisis communications working on Brexit, the fuel crisis, the response to Covid-19 and HS2. Despite enjoying the cut and thrust of Westminster politics, he always harboured a desire to return to the world of journalism where he had started out at The Edinburgh Journal in 2012 before moving on to work for the European Youth Press in 2014. Jamie was also a member of the Unesco Global Media Alliance On Media And Gender's International Steering Committee. He has a Social History degree from the University of Edinburgh and can be found on Twitter @JKTimson

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