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morgan vs. trump

Trump calls Piers Morgan a 'fool' for thinking the 2020 election was 'free and fair'

Former President Donald Trump called Piers Morgan a "fool" for questioning his stolen election claims in a teaser video for Trump's interview with the journalist. The full interview is set to air on Morgan's show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, on April 25.

"It was a free and fair election. You lost," Morgan told Trump, referring to the former president's false claims that he was robbed of victory in 2020 by massive election fraud.

"Only a fool would think that," Trump shot back.

"You think I'm a fool?" Morgan asked.

"I do now, yeah," Trump responded. The snappy back-and-forth appears to have been edited together from pieces of a longer exchange.

Later in the video, Trump can be seen walking off the interview set. "Turn the camera off. Very dishonest!" the former president said. 

In a column for The New York Post, Morgan wrote that about an hour before the interview was set to begin, "[s]omeone" sent Trump a list of quotes in which Morgan had criticized Trump. "These were by far the worst things I'd ever said about a man with whom I'd been friends for 15 years, but I felt they were justified when I said them, and I still do now," Morgan wrote. In 2008, Morgan became the first winner of Trump's reality TV competition series Celebrity Apprentice.

Morgan wrote that, when he entered Trump's office to talk him out of canceling the interview, Trump greeted him with "undisguised fury" in his eyes. Morgan claims he calmed Trump down and convinced him to sit for the interview by asking flattering questions about the former president's hole-in-one during a round of golf last month.

Morgan previously interviewed Trump in 2018 and was widely disparaged for not being tough enough on the then-president.