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New record

Gas prices reach an all-time high

Average gas prices hit a record high on Tuesday; skyrocketing to the highest price AAA has recorded since it started keeping track in 2000, The Washington Post reports. 

The nationwide average cost per gallon of gas has increased to $4.37, beating early March's previous record of around $4.30. 

Gas prices can be difficult to predict, notes the Post, but experts say drivers can expect gas prices to continue rising throughout the summer, especially if Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, which is one factor affecting global oil prices.

"We're also entering the spring and summer driving season, when gas prices typically increase because of higher demand," said Devin Gladden, spokesman for auto club AAA and an adviser at the Energy Department during the Obama administration, "So we are expecting that this is going to be an expensive summer at the pump for consumers."

GasBuddy's head of petroleum analysis, Patrick De Haan, similarly told the Post that he predicts that the national average could reach $4.50 per gallon.