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Michael Cohen spotted meeting with a prosthetic mask-wearing Kanye West

Michael Cohen has once again been spotted hanging out with Kanye West, and it seems like the rapper could be getting a little carried away with the Halloween spirit. 

Cohen, the former attorney for former President Donald Trump, on Tuesday was seen grabbing coffee with West on the Upper East Side of New York City, and photos showed West wearing a bizarre prosthetic mask during their meeting, Page Six reported. The two were previously spotted getting together earlier this month.  

Cohen pleaded guilty to tax fraud, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress, and he's currently under house arrest after he was released from prison early last year. He told Page Six that he's permitted to leave his house during certain hours, including on Tuesday mornings. Cohen didn't elaborate on what he and the Donda rapper were discussing Tuesday, saying "we were just getting together," though PR executive Ronn Torossian told Page Six they met to talk about real estate. 

As far as that strange mask goes, Cohen told Page Six that West was wearing it "so that people would not recognize him," though the former Trump attorney noted this "did not really work." It might not have helped that West, who has now legally changed his name to Ye, was already spotted wearing this same mask the day before. On Tuesday, TMZ also reported that West was seen walking around the city in this mask, describing it as "super light-skinned" while noting he was "even wearing something around his neck to keep the same skin tone from his head to chest." TMZ added, "No one really knows what the hell he's up to with these masks." 

When Page Six raised the idea to Cohen that perhaps he, too, could try out this technique of wearing weird prosthetic masks for privacy reasons, Cohen responded, "I've seen your face — maybe you need a mask."