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the tea is scalding

Team Trump is reportedly worried about Kellyanne Conway's tell-all

In recent weeks, Former President Donald Trump and his team have fielded an onslaught of damaging excerpts from both upcoming and newly-released books chronicling the Trump administration. Unfortunately for them, the "tea-spilling" is not quite over.

Privately, former administration officials and top campaign aides are particularly concerned about the upcoming tell-all from former counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, Politico reports. Conway is reportedly "expected to give a hold-no-punches account of her time in the White House and those she worked alongside," per Politico

Much like the authors of other Trump-related books, Conway sat down with the ex-president at Mar-a-Lago — a decision former press secretary Sean Spicer called a "strategic mistake" on Trump's part.

"I understand the rationale, but it was a strategic mistake to sit down with these folks — you're giving them credibility," Spicer said. "It's hard to say, 'I sat down with them and they got it wrong.' So they've created a sense of credibility that makes it harder to critique." Read more at Politico.