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great minds think alike

Couple surprises each other by planning proposals for the same day

While planning a recent trip to London, Eva Fitzner and Jessica Di Cosmo didn't realize that "have a double proposal on an ice rink" was part of the itinerary.

After three years together, Fitzner thought it was time to pop the question to Di Cosmo, and planned to do it during their London vacation. She didn't know that Di Cosmo had the same idea, and also packed an engagement ring in her suitcase. Once they were at the ice rink, Fitzner got down on one knee and proposed, and immediately after Di Cosmo said "yes," the tables turned and Di Cosmo pulled out a ring and proposed to Fitzner.

Fitzner told USA Today she thought it was "a joke" at first, because "this is the kind of thing you only see in Christmas movies." She accepted her proposal, to the cheers of their fellow ice skaters. "Love is what brought me to the ice rink to propose to Jess, but kindness is what I will never forget about the people cheering in the back," Fitzner said.