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Last Night on Late Night

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel survey the 'sad lineup' of newly outed Jan. 6 GOP lawmakers

The Late Show had a little fun Monday with Facebook's growing reputation as a global villain.

"All of the news today is stuff we already know: Facebook is evil, global warming is real, Republican officials helped plan the coup, Pop Tarts contain no fruit," Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show. Monday was a "monumentally bad day for Facebook, the world's top social media network and uncle radicalizer," he explained, but "social media isn't the only thing that helped cause the Jan. 6 riots. So did GOP officials, because organizers of the insurrection now say they participated in 'dozens' of planning meetings with members of Congress and White House staff."

"One of the most surprising completely-not-surprising revelations is how many Republican members of Congress were involved in the planning," Colbert said. "We're talking intellectual giants like Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs, and Louie Gohmert. It's a real Oceans 11 of people who can't count to 10." Seriously, he added, "this wasn't just a random event with weirdos like the Q Shaman, this was a conspiracy to overturn a democratic election that included the weirdos in Congress."

Yes, "we're learning more about who's behind the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol from an explosive report in Rolling Stone," and "what a sad lineup" it is, Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gosar, Boebert, Gohmert? "It's the Legion of Dumb," he deadpanned. Gosar, for example, "reportedly told the organizers repeatedly they would get a 'blanket pardon' from Trump, and they were all like, 'Well, if there's one thing we know about Donald Trump it's he's as good as his word.'"

"'Blanket pardons' sounds like the kind of made-up fake legal things these doofuses would say," Seth Meyers said on Late Night. He took a closer look not only at the "bombshell new report" on the GOP lawmakers' "planning sessions with organizers ahead of the Jan. 6 rally the led to the insurrection at the Capitol," but also how "human insurrection Marjorie Taylor Greene got into yet another shouting match with colleagues on the House floor."

"Republicans are not abandoning Trump's war on democracy, they're embracing it," Meyers said, "which is why it's all the more important that we get to the bottom of what happened after the last election before Republicans try to steal the next one."