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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to start hosting her show just once a week

Change is coming to The Rachel Maddow Show.

On Monday night, Maddow started her hit MSNBC show with an announcement: Beginning in May, she will only host her program once a week, on Mondays. Maddow also shared that for the rest of this month, she will host Monday through Thursday. "For big news events, like the lead up to the election, I will be here more than that, but that is the general plan," she said.

Maddow, the network's most-watched host, explained that she is taking a step back from her show in order to "give myself more time to work on some of this other stuff I have cooking for MSNBC and other parts of NBC." Monday was her first night back on the job in several weeks; she was on a hiatus to work on the film version of her book and podcast Bag Man.

A spokesperson for MSNBC told The Hollywood Reporter that rotating guests will fill in for Maddow on the nights she's not hosting. In 2021, Maddow signed a new long-term deal with NBCUniversal, and at the time it was understood she would reduce her Rachel Maddow Show schedule and work on projects away from the program.