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Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland gets an early prison release

Disgraced Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland has secured an early release from prison. 

McFarland, who organized the ill-fated 2017 music festival and was convicted on fraud charges, has been released from prison over two years before the end of his sentence, NBC News reports.

In 2018, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison after he pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements to a federal agent. Prosecutors said he "did not deliver on his promises to his investors and customers" in promoting the disastrous music festival in the Bahamas and engaged in a "disturbing pattern of deception, which resulted in investors and customers losing over $26 million in two separate fraud schemes." 

According to TMZ, McFarland has been transferred to community confinement, where he is expected to stay until the end of August. His attorney told NBC he will "put together a team of good people for a solid plan to make amends and pay" what he owes in restitution.