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Full Tamir Rice shooting video released, and it's brutal

Cleveland.com has acquired and released extended footage of the shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black boy who was killed in November by a white police officer while holding a toy gun. The officers involved were summoned to a park where Rice was playing by a caller who said that the gun he had was very possibly fake, but previously revealed video showed that the police killed Rice within two seconds of arriving on the scene.

In the extended video, the officers can be seen tackling and restraining Rice's 14-year-old sister as she attempts to help her mortally wounded brother. The police are then seen standing idly by the bleeding boy until an FBI agent happens upon the scene and begins to administer first aid.

"No one thinks that it's appropriate to try to save him," said Rice family attorney Walter Madison said. "This is the level of service that makes people very upset and distrustful of law enforcement."