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Torture Report

The only person in jail over CIA torture is a whistleblower

Yesterday saw the release of nearly 600 (out of 6,000) pages of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture. Despite the report's extensive depiction of gruesome practices ranging from rectal feeding to forcing detainees, some of whom were known to be innocent, to stand on broken legs, no one from the CIA has gone to jail — except for a whistleblower who tried to expose the report back in 2007.

The jailed former CIA agent's name is John Kiriakou, and he is serving a 30-month sentence after being charged for his whistleblowing in 2008. "I believe I was prosecuted not for what I did but for who I am: a CIA officer who said torture was wrong and ineffective and went against the grain," Kiriakou said in 2013.