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Harvard Business professor incites legal battle over $4 of Chinese takeout

Don't cross Harvard Business School professors, especially when it comes to Chinese takeout.

Associate professor Ben Edelman initiated quite the email fight with the owner of The Baldwin Bar, a family-owned Chinese restaurant in the Boston area. Why? They overcharged him by a whopping $4 earlier last week, or $1 extra per dish, The Boston Globe reports.

"Under Massachusetts law it turns out to be a serious violation to advertise one price and charge a different price," Edelman wrote. "I urge you to cease this practice immediately."

He goes on to request triple the overcharge, citing a state law. Eventually though, after the exchange gets plenty salty, he and owner Ran Duan tentatively settle on half off Edelman's order.

Beware, purveyors of shredded chicken with spicy garlic sauce: Update your menu prices or risk finding yourself in a conversation like this gem.