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Jonathan Gruber testifies before Congress: 'I was not the architect of ObamaCare'

Jonathan Gruber, the economics professor who worked on ObamaCare, and whose tone-deaf remarks about the law made him a punching bag for ObamaCare's critics, apologized Tuesday for his "glib, thoughtless, and sometimes downright insulting comments." But in testimony before the House, he disputed the claim that he was the "architect" of the law, saying instead he merely ran simulations to determine how it would work.

"I did not draft Governor Romney's health care plan, and I was not the "architect" of President Obama's health care plan," he said.

Last month, videos surfaced of Gruber saying ObamaCare became law because of the opacity of the legislative process and the "stupidity of the American voter." That sparked a furious backlash on the right claiming Gruber designed ObamaCare and then spilled the beans on the administration's elitism.