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Cliven Bundy stumps for third-party candidate in new political ad

He's back.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who drew national exposure earlier this year — first for staring down the government over grazing rights but then for making blatantly racist remarks — appears in a new political ad for an Independent American Party candidate for Congress.

Kamau Bakari, who is black, and Bundy appear next to a white horse, both bedecked in cowboy gear, talking about the importance of being able to speak candidly, politically correct or not.

"I know the black folks have had a hard time with, uh, slavery," Bundy says during the segment. "And, you know, the government was in on it."

Bakari later commends Bundy: "A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political correctness stuff in America."

Bundy told the Los Angeles Times that Bakari's campaign approached him about filming the ad a week or so ago, and that he showed up, recited the lines the campaign gave to him, and that was that.

Watch the new ad in its entirety, here.