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Shooting of Mexican radio host heard live on the air

Two gunmen entered a radio station in the Mexican state of Sinaloa on Saturday and killed a radio host during his broadcast.

Prosecutors say the men entered the Fiesta Mexicana station in Mazatlan and asked for Atilano Roman Tirado, a local activist and host of a weekly program. Tirado was shot in the head and chest, and listeners could hear the gunshots over the air. "One of the co-workers is heard saying, 'Oh no, he killed him, he killed him,'" station director Sergio Ontiveros told The Associated Press. Tirado later died at an area hospital.

Tirado was one of the leaders of about 800 families who had been displaced by the Picachos dam, and spoke out about the need for compensation both on and off the air. Other members of the movement said in the past they received death threats, but none were reported recently. No arrests have been made yet in the case.