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Police: Woman hid guns, ammo, and drugs in her luggage, then tried to get on a plane

At least she didn't have any liquids: On Monday, police at New York's JFK Airport arrested a woman who allegedly hid two handguns, four magazines for the guns, 350 rounds of ammo, and 58 bricks that equaled 33 pounds of marijuana in her luggage.

TSA officers opened two of 24-year-old Nyesha McPherson's bags and found coffee tins, boxes of baby wipes, cat litter, laundry tablets, floor dusting sheets, and iced tea and lemonade mixes — you know, typical travel stuff. Inside those cans and boxes, however, agents found the dissembled .40 caliber handguns, ammo, magazines, and marijuana bricks.

The officers quickly alerted the Port Authority Police, who found McPherson before she was able to board a plane. McPherson was scheduled to travel to Barbados, but instead was arrested for possession of marijuana, criminal possession of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon, possession of high capacity magazines, and possession of ammunition.