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Convicted school shooter escapes from Ohio prison

UPDATE: T.J. Lane has been apprehended. See below.

A 19-year-old convicted of killing three of his fellow high school students in 2012 escaped Thursday night from an Ohio prison, officials said.

T.J. Lane was incarcerated at the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution, serving three life sentences. He was one of three inmates who escaped at around 7:45 p.m., ABC News reports, but one man was captured quickly. A third inmate, 45-year-old Clifford Opperud, is also still at large. Lane and Opperud are not believed to be armed, but are considered dangerous, officials said.

Authorities are telling residents of Lima, Ohio, to be cautious, and not to pick up hitchhikers or open their doors to strangers.

Lane shot and killed three classmates and injured three others at Chardon High School on Feb. 27, 2012. During sentencing, Lane opened his button-down shirt to reveal a T-shirt that read "killer," flipped off the courtroom, and taunted the families of the victims.

UPDATE: T.J. Lane was recaptured early Friday morning, USA Today reports, several hours after he escaped. It is unclear if Clifford Opperud has also been caught.