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Man butt-dials 911, gets arrested for drugs

Even in the age of touchscreens, people are still apparently butt-dialing, and for one Tennessee man, that led to legal consequences.

A Mt. Pleasant man was arrested for drug possession Friday after his accidental 911 call allowed dispatchers to overhear his conversation with a friend about going to a drug dealer and getting high.

After tracing the call's location to a Mexican restaurant, officers found Grant O'Connor, 25, who had placed the call, as he was leaving the establishment with a female friend. The police found a marijuana bag as well as "drug paraphernalia" beneath the passenger seat of the woman's car, where O'Connor was sitting, Nashville's WKRN News 2 reports.

O'Connor was charged with simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, and he was released on bond from the Maury County Jail. The best part of the story, though, is that O'Connor didn't know he had placed the 911 call until the officers told him.