Speed Reads


Common Core homework helper takes 56 seconds to solve 9+6

A television station in Buffalo, New York, is airing a series of Common Core homework help programs in honor of back-to-school week, and the time it takes to solve some pretty simple problems is causing people to question just what the Common Core standards are.

The Daily Signal reports that teachers on the NBC affiliate station WGRZ take turns each morning explaining how to solve a basic homework question, and spend "a few minutes explaining the methodology required to solve it. Each lesson takes a little over one minute for the teacher to explain."

The Common Core standards favor understanding over memorization. Adding 9 and 6 took almost a full minute for one teacher to explain. "Our young learners might not be all together comfortable with thinking about what 9 plus 6 is," the instructor says.

Watch a video of a the segment below. --Teresa Mull