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Artistic license

Silicon Valley street artists lampoon Obama on his fundraising path

Scathing street art highlighting scandals that have plagued the Obama Administration popped up in Silicon Valley during the president's fundraising tour to California.

The first series of posters co-opted the logo of ABC's Scandal while Obama met with donors at the home of showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Against a backdrop of references to scandals like NSA surveillance, DOJ seizure of AP phone records, Benghazi, IRS targeting of political groups, and more, the President's face is captioned, "Don't be an #asshole."

Soon, more art appeared. A play on the classic iPhone ads shows Obama, silhouetted, and labeled "iSnoop." And a mock invitation to "A Feast in Time of Plague" — Obama's $32,000 per plate fundraiser — was delivered to the neighbors of the event's host. Take a look at two of the images, below, and check out a full gallery of the second batch of street art, viewable on Imgur here. --Bonnie Kristian