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I can bear-ly stand to watch

Bear takes 'power nap' atop Saskatchewan electricity pole


A black bear surprised SaskPower workers in Saskatchewan, Canada last week, when a customer called to report the creature snoozing atop a power pole.

Me, I like napping at home, on my couch, but the bear had reportedly just escaped a pair of dogs, and it decided to grab the first spot it could find for a "power nap" (sorry).

"By the time our crew got on site, the bear was already on top of the pole, and he was awake initially, and got fairly comfortable it seems and decided to have a bit of a nap," Tyler Hopson, a spokesman for SaskPower, said. "He did manage to get down from the pole safely, and is not injured as far as we know."

The Canadian company had some fun with the occurrence, posting pictures to its Facebook page and telling the Metro newspaper that the bear eventually descended of its own volition.

"Safety around power lines is always very important," Hopson added.

Someone should remind Mr. Snoozebear. --Sarah Eberspacher