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The Daily Show finds the ObamaCare of the trigger-happy

Comedy Central

After dissecting the NRA's victim complex and mission creep on Tuesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart turned to another battle in the gun-rights war: Stand-your-ground laws. Or rather, he turned the show over to correspondent Jordan Klepper, who explored a quirky side story in the heated debate: Instead of looking at the people shot and killed with relative impunity, most famously Trayvon Martin, Klepper looked at the shooters. Even more narrowly, he dove into a new type of insurance springing up that promises to legally defend shooters in stand-your-ground states.

Talk of insurance tends to make people's eyes glaze over, but Klepper makes it interesting, thanks largely to his interview with former Virginia attorney general (and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate) Ken Cuccinelli (R). Cuccinelli helps run one of these insurance schemes, and as another of Klepper's guests points out, the fierce ObamaCare opponent is now facing the same big issue as ObamaCare itself: Risk pools. Improbably, Klepper even makes that dry topic amusing. --Peter Weber