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Women more likely to take selfies than men, survey confirms


While we've all fallen victim to the selfie craze, it's apparently women who have been hit the hardest. A global survey from Selfiecity, a project that analyzes self-portraits from around the world, examined selfies posted on Instagram in five large cities including New York, Berlin, and Sao Paulo. They found that no matter what city they studied, women were more likely than men to take selfies.

Researchers narrowed 120,000 photos down to 650 photos per city and looked at their subjects' gender, age, and pose using face analysis software. They found that women in Moscow posted selfies 4.6 more times more than men did, while women in Bangkok were a bit shyer, posting selfies only 1.3 times more frequently than men.

The Telegraph detailed a lot more of the data, but we found this piece the most amusing: Selfies snapped in Russia contained the least amount of smiles, while those taken in Bangkok and Sao Paulo were the happiest. Maybe it's the weather?