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Tony Hale: Veep 'doesn't make me cynical at all'


The first two seasons of Veep are enough to make anyone seriously skeptical of U.S. politics, but star Tony Hale says the show's material doesn't make him less hopeful about the country's future.

In a recent interview with Daniel D'Addario at Salon, Hale explains his political optimism:

It doesn't make me cynical at all. I have massive respect for whoever wants to step into that position. The decisions you're making have huge consequences. My hope is that the motivation is to make change, is to bring about positive things. A lot of people want power — anyone that actually wants to make a difference, my hat goes off to her. [Salon]

Hale also describes his character, Gary, as "a little close to a serial killer" in his obsession with Vice President Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Read the full interview over at Salon — for someone who rose to fame as the childlike Buster Bluth, Hale has certainly come a long way.