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Rob Thomas on Veronica Mars sequel: 'Early signs are encouraging'

Facebook/Veronica Mars Movie

It's been just one week since the long-awaited Veronica Mars movie hit theaters, but fans who enjoyed their brief return to Neptune, California, have already moved on to the next logical question: When do we get a sequel?

In an email sent to Veronica Mars' Kickstarter backers, series creator Rob Thomas hinted at the possibility of a future installment:

Next time, maybe we'll make a movie that's 100 percent accessible to audiences who have never seen Veronica Mars. Speaking of which:

I know that a lot of you have been writing, and posting to ask about a sequel: if it will happen, what number we need to hit, whether we'd fund it through another Kickstarter, and so on.

Here's the answer to all of those questions: It's too soon to know.

I know that everyone involved would love to keep on going. I hope that we will. But there's no news on that yet, and it might be a while before we know. I'm so happy to get the seven-year "Will there be a Veronica Mars movie?" monkey off my back, that I could use a little time to savor this moment before launching the "Will there be another Veronica Mars movie?" crusade. Know this: I'd love for it to happen, and early signs are encouraging.

Whatever happens with the Veronica Mars franchise on screen, fans do have a few more Mars Investigations to anticipate: The Veronica Mars book series, co-authored by Thomas and Jennifer Graham, which kicks off with The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line next week.