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The Search Continues

Search teams scouring 'most inaccessible spot' in Indian Ocean for signs of missing flight


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday that search parties are "throwing everything" at the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as the investigation nears the two-week mark. Search and rescue teams are scouring a remote section of the Indian Ocean 1,400 miles southwest of Perth where satellites have reportedly spotted potential debris from the vanished Boeing 777.

"If there is anything down there, we will find it," said Abbott. "We owe it to the families of those people [on board] to do no less." The logistics of the hunt are difficult, however: Five military planes are scouring a particularly remote stretch of water that's four hours away from refueling stations in Perth, limiting flight times substantially. Abbott described the area as "about the most inaccessible spot that you can imagine on the face of the Earth."

The debris is the investigators' only "credible" lead. So far, search teams have come back empty handed.