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Vain burglar arrested after sending selfie to victim's friends

South Yorkshire Police/Metro

A beefy, self(ie)-obsessed burglar couldn't stop fawning over himself for successfully executing a robbery. British man Ashley Keast snapped a selfie as he robbed a couple's home, but the fitness aficionado accidentally implicated himself in the crime when he sent the picture to the victim's colleagues.

Keast, 25, and an accomplice stole thousands of dollars of items, including Rolex watches, jewelry, and even an Audi sedan valued at $55,000. But his big mistake was pilfering a new mobile phone. When he inserted his own SIM card into it and mass-sent that selfie, the stolen phone included the homeowner's friends, who immediately contacted the police.

He was quickly arrested and will now spend the next three years of his life working on his biceps in jail.