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Emma Watson: The Noah blockbuster is 'Shakespearean'

Facebook/Elle Magazine (US)

Emma Watson graces the April cover of Elle, which hits newsstands March 25. In her interview with Mickey Rapkin, she offers an interesting defense of her choice to join Darren Aronofsky's $125 million biblical epic.

Watson, who plays Noah's adopted daughter, Ila, says the film is more philosophical than the trailer may appear:

It's Shakespearean, what happens to this family when they're put in this confined space for 40 days and 40 nights. It's the end of the world — how these different human beings are dealing with the impact of that. Are humans good? Are we bad? All of these themes are epic. [Elle]

Her argument certainly puts an interesting twist on the classic story, and it adds a new dimension to what promises to be a memorable film. Let's just hope they don't forget the unicorn.