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The Search Continues

Investigators focus on deleted files from Malaysian pilot's simulator


As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 drags into the eleventh day, investigators are trying to restore files deleted from the pilot's home flight simulator to shed any light on the whereabouts of the missing Boeing 777. Officials said at a press conference this morning that they had recruited investigators with "local and international expertise" to pore over the data deleted from the program on Feb. 3, more than a month before the flight's departure.

"The experts are looking at what are the logs, what has been cleared," said Tan Sri Khalid Bin Abu Bakar, a police officer who didn't comment further. New evidence surfaced yesterday that someone — whether it was a pilot or someone else on board is unknown — knew how to disable the jet's communication systems and veered it off course. As a result, further scrutiny has been placed on the two pilots, although an official cautioned that "the passengers, the pilots and the crew remain innocent until proven otherwise."