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Shootings, poison gas attacks force Moscow's largest gay club to shutter


In a city where homophobic activity runs rampant, one of Moscow's few remaining gay enclaves has been forced to shutter. The owner of the Central Station ultimately decided to throw in the towel after the onslaught of attacks on his club from extremists became too much to bear.

Last year, Central Station dealt with more than 20 incidents that ranged from shootings on the dance floor to theft to a poison gas attack from anti-gay protesters.

Citing the recent string of incidents and the landlord's desire to close the bar for redevelopment, Andrei Lischinsky, the club's manager, said it was time for it to close:

It has been three years of unforgettable work in the biggest gay club in the country, a lot has been passed through: the attack of the local prosecutor's office, and burning my car down, and the fight against the raiders... It was one of the most interesting experiences of my working life.

Lischinsky said he's filed more than 30 complaints with Moscow police about the violence, yet nothing was ever done to help him.