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Was Malaysia Airlines flight 370 'deliberately diverted?'


It's been nearly a week since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 lost contact with air traffic control. And now there's new evidence that might reveal the whereabouts of the missing Boeing 777. This new theory suggests the flight was "deliberately diverted" to the Andaman Islands, a deserted chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, shifting the investigators' focus toward the possibility of foul play.

Sources close to the investigation revealed to Reuters that there's a detailed description of a military radar scan that hasn't been publicly revealed showing the jetliner flying toward the Bay of Bengal. It's unclear if the plane was on autopilot or flown manually, but investigators are looking into a theory that "someone who knew how to fly a plane deliberately diverted the flight."

"What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards," the source, a senior Malaysian police official, told Reuters.

Search efforts are entering their seventh day with 57 ships, 48 aircraft, and people from 13 countries spanning thousands of miles trying to locate the lost jet. Read the rest of the theory at Reuters.