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The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi dismantles another ObamaCare myth

Comedy Central

Here's a popular argument from opponents of the Affordable Care Act: America has the best health-care system in the world, and ObamaCare is going to ruin it. On Thursday night's Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi decided to put that theory to the test.

First, Mandvi talked with Fox Business commentator Todd Wilemon, who warned that ObamaCare will not only ruin America's No. 1 health-care system but will also slowly sink the country to third-world status. That's the kind of dare The Daily Show can't pass up, so Mandvi traveled to "a region rife with poverty" with Stan Brock, founder of Remote Area Medical, a charity that has parachuted teams of doctors into remote regions of Africa and South America for 30 years. The joke starts as soon as Mandvi's helicopter lands, and it doesn't end until Wilemon is rendered speechless. --Peter Weber