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Legoland is forced to close after far-right extremists threaten violence over a Muslim family weekend

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Legoland will close up shop this weekend in response to violent messages from far-right extremists who were angered that the British resort was preparing to host a Muslim family fun day. A Muslim organization had booked rooms for 1,000 families, which put Legoland in the crosshairs of hate groups.

Legoland's Facebook page was battered with abusive messages from right-wing groups, including the British National Party, which said the resort should be "ashamed of themselves for bowing to these Muslims." The Muslim Research and Development Foundation, the organization behind the event, said it was open to all faiths and was looking forward to throwing the event in an "enjoyable, safe, and relaxing environment."

Details of the messages and their origin remain scarce, but a hotel spokesperson said several right-wing groups had "threatened both the visitors and employees" of Legoland. It will reopen next weekend.